Introductory Questions

Q1: Name (Family, Given)

Werber, Joshua

Q2: Student ID #


Q3: Where did you last study before coming to Dawson?

Before coming to Dawson, I studied at Royal Vale High School.

Q4: What program are you currently enrolled in?
What are your plans after completing your DEC?

I am currently in my fourth semester of the Law, Society, and Justice profile of the Social Science program. Upon completion of my DEC, I plan to either go to Mcgill law school or, should I not be admitted into law school, pursue an undergraduate degree in political sciene. I am equally enthusiastic about both degrees. In fact, if I am so fortunate to get into law school this spring, I will likely follow it with a political sciecne degree annyway.

Q5: What is your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is political science, but history is a very close second.

Q6: What is your favourite past-time/hobby/sport?

My favourite hobbies include playing and watching rugby, reading novels, and following current events.

Q7: Who do you most admire and Why?

I most admire Malala Yousafzai. There is nothing I find more virtuous than working toward the greater good of society; it is why I want to go into politics and law, but Malala takes this value one step further. She recognized that a society cannot truly flourish if its citizens are not properly educated. Denying the women of her country the right to a decent education not only deprives the women themselves, but it holds the entire society back. In the face of great danger and after having acid thrown on her face, she, at just fifteen years old, continued to fight for what is just. Her courage and dedication to the women the underdeveloped world serves as an inspiration to those, myself included, who hope to one day improve society.

Q8: Honestly, why did you select this course?

I selected this course primarily because it fit my schedule well. Although, there were other courses that fit my schedule, but this one was atractive as it is unlike most courses I take; it will serve to diversify my knowledge.

Q9: Describe two different learning activities that you find most effective.

The two learning activities that I find most effective are lectures and reading. Lectures are key learning activites for me as they allow me to simultaneously absorb infromation being presented while I take notes. The note-taking aspect is helpful as it forces my brain to process what I am hearing the lecturer say and convert it into shorthand notes that are famliar to me, thus solidyfing my understanding of what is being taught. Secondly, I find reading to be an effective learning activity because, unlike with lectures, the reader can work their way through the material at a pace that is comfortable to them. If a lecturer teaches a complex topic fast pace, gaining a proper understanding of the subject matter becomes very challengingng; no such problem occurs when reading.

It is worth noting that these two learning activites are the dominant ones in my feild of study. For a computer science course, I anticipate that interactive learning, such as lab exercises, will be key to internalizing the material.